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Ergodicity and Chaos in many-body systems


Virtual meeting

February 4-7 2021  




Dates: February 4th (Thursday) to 7th (Sunday) 2021
Virtual meeting

Organizers: Jorge G. Hirsch (UNAM, Mexico), Lea Santos (YU, USA), Sergio Lerma (UV, Mexico)

Presentations: Zoom


Meeting ID : 868 3329 6295
Access code: 142996

Coffee: Wonder


Mexico City time

February 4th (Thursday)

9:00- 9:10. Jorge G. Hirsch (UNAM, Mexico), Welcome
9:10- 9:30. Adán González (UNAM, Mexico), Lyapunov exponents in classical billiards (pdf).
9:40-10:10. Saúl Pilatowsky (UNAM, Mexico), Classical unstable orbits, Husimi distributions and scars in the Dicke model (pdf)

10:20-10-50 Coffee and group dialogues.

10:50- 11:20. Luis Benet (UNAM, Mexico),  k-body Bosonic embedded gaussian ensembles in the dense limit (pdf)
11:30-12:00. Crt Lozej (CAMTP, Slovenia), Localization measures in quantum chaotic billiards (pdf).
12:10-13:00. Coffee and group dialogues.

February 5th (Friday)

9:00- 9:30. Qian Wang (CAMTP, Slovenia), Localization measures in the Dicke model.
9:40-10:10. David Villaseñor (UNAM, Mexico),  Localization measures in phase space (pdf).

10:10-10-40 Coffee and group dialogues.

10:40-11:10 Sergio Lerma (UV, Mexico), Participation Ratio and Survival Probability in the Dicke model (pdf)
11:20-11:50 Diego Wisniacki (UBA, Argentina), Long term temporal observables of quantum chaos (pdf).
12:00-13:00. Coffee and group dialogues.

February 6th (Saturday)

9:00- 9:30. Jonathan Torres (BUAP, Mexico), Multifractality and lack of self-averaging around the many-body localization transition (pdf)
9:40-10:10. Javier de la Cruz (UNAM, Mexico), Chaos in the Bose Hubbard model (pdf).

10:10-10-40 Coffee and group dialogues.

10:40-11:10 Silvia Pappalardi (ENS, France), Entanglement and chaos in semiclassical systems.
11:20-11:50 Juan Diego Urbina (UR, Germany), Universal eigenstate correlations in manybody chaotic systems: Berry’s ansatz in bosonic Fock space (pdf)
12:00-12:30 Michal Kloc (U.Basel, Switzerland), Quantum quenches in the Tavis-Cummings model from the quasiclassical perspective (pdf)

12:30-13:00. Coffee and group dialogues.

February 7th (Sunday)

9:00- 9:30. David Vergara (UNAM, Mexico),  Quantum geometric tensor and quantum phase transitions in the Lipkin model (pdf)
9:40-10:00. Felipe Matus (CU, Czech R.), Quantum metric tensor in the Lipkin model.

10:10-10-40 Coffee and group dialogues.

10:40-11:00. Erick Castro (Brasil),  Quantum phase transitions of bosons trapped in three wells (pdf)
11:00-11:30.  Lea Santos (YU, USA) and Sergio Lerma (UV-Mexico), Overview and closing remarks (pdf)
11:30-13:00. Plans and collaborations.

*This is the fourth annual gathering of our group.

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