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Welcome to our site. We aim for our visitors to access timely information about our Master in Public Health and the services we offer.

Our Master in Public Health is aimed at training public health professionals capable of proactive, effective and ethical behavior in the main branches of the professional field considering a framework of social inclusion, environmental sustainability, right to health, a well-theorised approach, updated methods and tools for diagnosis, prognosis and prevention in order to resolve health problems at the regional, national and international level for the population, as well as promoting public policies, conditions and healthy life styles.

Since 2001 our Master in Public Health has been a member of the National Postgraduate System (SNP per the Spanish acronym), which is run by the National Council of Humanities, Sciences and Technologies (Conahcyt per the Spanish acronym), formerly called the National Quality Postgraduate Program (PNPC). It is currently certified at Level IV International Competence of the SNP valid thru December 31, 2025. Conahcyt scholarships are requested and processed directly by Conahcyt. The amount is granted by the Council as long as the applicants meet the terms and requirements established in the call and will be subject to Conahcyt’s budget availability.

Our Master in Public Health has a leading role internationally, as it is the only program with international recognition among the postgraduate programs in the Health Sciences  of Universidad Veracruzana. Our Master in Public Health has signed an international cooperation agreement with a foreign university, i.e. Universidad de Caldas, which is located in Colombia, so that students can get the master’s degree from both Universidad Veracruzana and Universidad de Caldas. On March 22, 2018, our Master in Public Health was awarded the Postgraduate Quality Award in Ibero-America by the Ibero-American Postgraduate University Association (AUIP per the Spanish acronym). This recognition was handed over by the General Assembly of the AUIP, which is located at Universidad de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. http://www.auip.org

We also want our site to be in touch with applicants, students and graduates, as well as with employers, scholars at a national and international level.

Thank you for visiting us and we encourage you to take a tour of our page for your feedback.

Truly yours,

Master in Public Health Coordination, Instituto de Salud Pública, Universidad Veracruzana.

Coordinator of the Master in Public Health

Dr. Manuel Salvador Luzanía Valerio


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