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Knowledge Generation and Application Lines (LGAC)

Lines of Generation and Application of Knowledge

The following Lines of Knowledge Generation and Application (LGAC) guide the research and dissemination projects undertaken by both teachers and students of the Master’s Degree in Performing Arts:

Line 1. Performing arts: theory, history and poetics.

It includes projects related to theories, criticism, history, production, praxis and reception of theater, dance and other local and global performing arts. Through this line, projects that study aspects of the performing arts in Latin America are promoted, with special emphasis on Mexico.

Line 2. Theatricality, performativity and culture.

It includes research on performing activities in relation to their cultural contexts, as well as their aesthetic and social dimensions. This LGAC also covers the theories and practices of performance, understood as a paradigm for the analysis of expressive acts in artistic, cultural, social and political spheres. Performativity studies provide an understanding of the body in its identity and political dimensions, as well as an epistemology of embodied knowledge.

The following table lists the teachers of the basic academic core (NAB) who carry out work related to the LGACs:


Member LGAC
Domingo Adame Hernández (NAB) 1, 2
Elzbieta Fediuk Walczewska (NAB) 1
Carlos Antonio Gutiérrez Bracho (NAB) 1
Ahtziri Eréndira Molina Roldán (NAB) 2
Claudia Morales Carbajal (NAB) 2
Lilia del Carmen Palacios Ramírez (NAB) 1
Antonio Prieto Stambaugh (NAB) 1, 2
Octavio Enrique Rivera Krakowska (NAB) 1


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