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The Master´s degree in Health Sciences (MCS in Spanish) is registered in National Program of High-Quality Postgrads Studies (PNPC in Spanish) of CONACyT until December 30th of 2019. CONACyt scholarships can be requested through the coordination department. The amount of the scholarship is granted by CONACyT itself, as long as candidates fulfill the terms and requirements according to the basis and the budget availability established by CONACyT (National Council of Science and Technology) .

The main objective of the Master in Health Sciences is the scientific training of professionals in health sciences with the ability to accomplish, with a teaching and service vocation, the leading of scientific research groups dedicated to study problems related to health and illness, with a comprehensive and humanistic perspective that will contribute to the generation of scientific knowledge, with national and international relevance. The program promotes the development of conceptual and methodological tools as well as ethic values related with health sciences, allowing young students to improve their scientific abilities to solve problems into their professional fields.

The Master program in Health Sciences has the PNPC Recognition by the SEP (Public Education Secretary) and CONACYT.

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