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The Universidad Veracruzana and the Faculty of Administrative and Social Sciences, give you the warmest welcome and are pleased to receive the postgraduate applicants in Human Resources Management, Work and Organizations, whom we will encourage to be promoters of change.

This program is within the register of the SNP National Postgraduate System. CONACyT scholarships are requested and processed through the Program Coordination. The amount is granted by the agency itself as long as the applicants comply with the terms and requirements established in the call and will be subject to the budget availability of CONACyT.

Currently, companies face unprecedented challenges, which forces them to look for ways that allow them to remain and grow in the otherwise competitive market. Reason why they need professionals capable of making a difference, being able to manage the only competitive strategy that is difficult to imitate, which is human capital. It is necessary to maintain a positive attitude to start this new challenge, we remind you that a master’s degree is an instance that pursues the training of new high-quality human resources. To achieve this end, continuous learning, commitment and dedication are necessary to allow them to obtain the necessary skills that the labor market in which they will enter demands.

We invite you not to forget the role that as professionals in the training process you will have during the next two years, for which we urge you to give your best effort, by developing each and every one of the theoretical and practical activities that your teachers and businessmen , who support this project; entrust them, allowing them to transcend and positively impact their environment. Knowing that we will count on your availability and enthusiasm. We are at your service.

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