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Spaces and equipment

The central offices of the Tropical Research Center are located at José María Morelos Street No. 44, in the City Center of Xalapa, Veracruz and it is constituted by the following areas:



General Coordination and Academic Secretariat: the office of the General Coordinator of this research center, as well as the cubicle of the Academic Secretariat, and the office of its secretary are located here

We have seven cubicles for researchers to develop their cabinet work.


The Multipurpose Room is the place where meetings, conferences and presentations, classes and lectures, and other activities that require ample space and the use of projection of audiovisual resources are made. It can hold up to 50 people.



The «Arturo Gómez Pompa» Library has a bibliographic collection of 1,800 issues related to biodiversity, environment and natural resources, to name a few. The library, at the current address of CITRO, was inaugurated on November 27, 2018, it has the necessary infrastructure to safeguard the bibliographic material and is linked to the institutional library system of the Library and Information Services Unit (USBI-X) of the University, which allows access to the virtual catalog and the consultation of the availability of books in the library. A large percentage of our collection was donated by PhD. Arturo Gómez Pompa.



The Postgraduate in Tropical Ecology (master’s and doctorate) has adequate facilities for students, with three offices for coordination, three classrooms, study rooms and computer lab for students.


Communication and Education for Sustainability Unit

The Communication and Education for Sustainability Unit is the space responsible for disseminating the knowledge generated in each research project. Here, didactic products of an editorial, audiovisual and multimedia nature are generated, and content and guidelines are built to promote sustainability both within the CITRO community and in society in general.


Laboratory for sample processing and molecular analysis

In the laboratory, teaching and research activities are carried out; students and academics prepare biological samples for different analyzes, taxidermy of small mammals, extraction of active compounds from plants and molecular analysis and extraction of DNA. There is a fluorescence microscopy equipment to identify the presence of substances with autofluorescence, their quantity and location inside the cell.


Geomatics laboratory

Space dedicated to carrying out research projects focused on the application of Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, spatial modeling, for the geographical characterization and spatial analysis of the socio-environmental aspects of landscapes and regions, in order to identify elements of biodiversity and conservation, changes and factors related to the use and coverage of soil, characterization and hydrological modeling of watersheds and impacts of climate change.



The CITRO Orchidary has a multipurpose room, an in vitro laboratory, two shaded areas and the nursery «Xanath, vanilla house». The Orchidary is located on one side of the smaller lake of the Campus for Culture, Arts and Sports, on Av. De las Culturas Veracruzanas No. 1. University Zone, Col. Zapata in Xalapa, Veracruz. Learn more



Space dedicated to store the collection of plants used in research, following standards, such as temperature control, to preserve the floristic collection that serves as support for various projects. As the studies progress, the collection of this herbarium grows simultaneously. Learn more

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