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Mission, vision and objectives


The Tropical Research Center is an academic unit of the University of Veracruz that carries out research, education, linking, dissemination and extension activities related to the use, management and conservation of the biocultural diversity of the tropics for the benefit of the different sectors of society, from the innovation of methods and practices and the generation of ecological and social knowledge.



To be a leading center in research and education, which contributes to the solution of the socio-ecological challenges of the tropics, through basic, applied and interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research based on environmental ethics and social commitment.



  1. Develop basic and applied research aimed at solving socio-ecological challenges of the tropics, with emphasis on the conservation of biodiversity and integrated management of bio-cultural resources based on a transdisciplinary approach.
  2. Promote and consolidate the excellence and leadership of the Postgraduate of the Tropical Research Center, through educational experiences, research projects, mobility of academics and students, as well as field practices, which contribute to the solution of socio-ecological challenges of the tropics.
  3. Strengthen the coordination and linking of the academic and training work of the Tropical Research Center based on the consolidation of research networks and collaboration with the different social sectors of the country.
  4. Have facilities that meet the requirements for the development of academic activities, in accordance with the sustainability principles of the University.

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Lomas del Estadio s/n
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Xalapa, Veracruz, México

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