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Material Bibliográfico Disponible

La siguiente lista muestra la relación de los libros existentes en el Doctorado en Ciencias de la Computación, material que estará disponible para que los estudiantes puedan consultarlo.


Titulo del libro Autor
1 Androi Desing Patterns: Interaction Desing Solutions for Developers Greg Nudelman
2 Case Sudy Research in Software Engineering Per Runeson, Martin Höst, Austen Rainer, Björn Regnell
3 Constructing Ambient Intelligence Reiner Wichert, Kristof Van Laerhoven, Jean Gelissen (Eds.)
 4 CSCW and Atificial Intelligence Jogn H. Connolly and Ernest A. Edmonds (Eds.)
5 Data Fusion: Concepts and Ideas H.B. Mitchell
 6 Desing Issues in CSCW Duska Rosenberg, Chris Hutchison (Eds.)
7 Distributed Context-Aware Systems Paulo Ferreira, Pedro Alves
8 Essential Mobile Interaction Desing Cameron Banga, Josh Weinhold
9 Intelligent Tutoring Systems Stefano A. Cerri, William J. Clancey, Giorgos Papadourakis, Kitty Panourgia (Eds.)
10 Intelligent User Interfaces Mark T. Maybury, Wolfgang Wahlster
11 Intelligent User Interfaces: Adaptation and Personalization Systems and Technologies Constantinos Mourlas, Panagiotis Germanakos
12 Introduction to the Team Software Process Watts S. Humphrey
13 Mobile Context Awareness Tom Lovett, Eamonn O’Neil (Eds.)
14 Multisensor Data Fusion Hassen Fourati
15 Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition Gita Sukthankar, Robert P. Goldman, Christopher Geib, David V. Pynadath, Hung Hai Bui
 16 Social Groups in Action and Interaction Charles Stangor
 17 The Oxford Handbook of Affective Computing Rafael A. Calvo, Sidney K. D’Mello, Jonathan Gratch, Arvid Kappas (Eds.)
18 Usability Testing Essentials Carol M. Barnum
19 Usability Testing: A Practical Guide for Librarians Rebecca Blakiston
20 User Interface Inspection Methods: A user-Centered Desing Method Chauncey Wilson
21 Ways of Knowing in HCI Judith S. Olson, Wendy A. Kellogg (Eds.)
22 Experimentation in Software Engineering Claes Wohlin, Per Runeson martin Höst, Magnus C. Ohlsson Björn Regnell, Anders Wesslén
23 Recomender Systems Handbook Francesco Ricci, Lior Rokach, Bracha Shapira
24 Recomender Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning Nikos Manouselis, Hendrik Drachsler, Katrien Verbert, olga C. Santos
25 Educational Recommender Systems and Technologies (Practices and Challenges) Olga C. Santos & Jesus G. Boticario
26 Understanding Research Methodsv (An Overview of the Essentials) Mildred L. Patten and Michelle Newhart
27 Designing Social Interfaces Christian Crumlish &Erin Malone
28 Recomender Systems (The textbook) Charu C. Aggarwal
29 Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction Jonathan Lazar, jinjuan Heidi Feng, Harry Hochheiser
30 Probabilistic Graphical Models (principles and techniques) Daphne Koller and Nir Fredman
31 Information Dashboard Desing Stephen Few
32 Mathematical Statistics with Applications in R Kandethody M. Ramachandran, Chris P. Tsokos
33 Visualize this the FlowingData Guide to Desing , Visualization and Statistics Nathan Yau
 34 The desing of everyday things Don Norman
35 The visual Display of Quantitative Information Edward R. Tufte
36 Quantifying the user experience (Practical statistics for user research) Jeff Sauro / James R. Lewis
37 Show Me the Numbers (Desingning Tables and Graphs to Enlighten) Stephen Few