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DOCTORATE IN COMPUTER SCIENCERECONOCIMIENTOThe Doctoral Program in Computer Science was born from a regional and national need to train high-quality academic human resources in the area of ​​computer science, particularly those dedicated to research, development and innovation (R & D & I) of technology derived from the generation and application of knowledge. In this environment, information management and technology generation represent strategic areas for the development of Mexican society organizations and in particular of the Veracruz state society and the southern region of the country. This approach is particularly necessary in Mexico due to the technological dependence of the foreigner and for this reason it is necessary to promote the development of own quality technology and considering international standards. In the definition of the PhD program in Computer Science and in general, the legislation in force at the national level and in the institution that makes up this program was taken into account.

This postgraduate program belongs to the National Quality Graduate Program, valid until March 2023. CONACyT scholarships are requested and processed through the Program Coordination. The amount is granted by the agency itself as long as the applicants comply with the terms and requirements established in the call and will be subject to CONACyT budget availability.


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