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Research Lines

Our postgraduate program has three Knowledge Generation and Application Lines (KGAL).

KGAL 1: Educative innovation management

This Line is oriented to construct the Learning Management concept through the opening to different ways of thinking and implementing teaching work to promote some meaningful and sustainable learning among the students, generating dialogical, plural and collaborative processes through the design, operation and evaluation of the educational experiences and intervention projects that link the academic work with community needs, always taking into account emergent topics to promote a proactive decisión-making. Therefore, this KGAL is understood as a collective construction of the knowledge and the interaction between academic and social areas.

KGAL 2: Learning management on virtual environments

This line is oriented to improve alternative ways to learn with emergent technologies and autonomous self-regulated learning strategies that can provide adequate conditions to develop moral values, attitudes, virtues, beliefs and convictions, required for professional and academic performance. Therefore, the contribution of this KGAL is to promote the application and generation of  learning environments that answer to the flexibility and diversification of  the opportunities to learn anywhere, and anytime, with emphasis in the different learning styles and needs of students.



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Program coordinator:

PhD.Ma. de los Ángeles Silva Mar


Poza Rica, Veracruz, México.
Telephone: (782) 824-05-39
Ext. 45122

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