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Application Process for International Students

To apply you will need to provide:


  • Letter of presentation from your home University Complete our online application form
  • Pay UV’s registration fee:
    • $100usd for independent students
    • $50usd for exchange students
  • Your courses of choices – view our academic programs available.
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Academic transcript from your home University
  • Proof of Advanced Spanish Language


Once you have been accepted you will need to provide:
  • Certificate of Health
  • Travel Insurance
  • Letter of Recommendation from your home University
  • Brief CV or Resume
  • Proof of Finances (except for special and summer programs)
  • A digital photo in jpg format (480 pixels wide x 640 pixels high).

Internship and Research program applicants must provide:

  • Certified Copy of Academic Transcript

Letter of Recommendation from your home University Tutor or Head of Department.

On arrival please provide the following to the International Admissions Office:

  • A Photocopy of your Mexican student visa or your Tourist Card you will have received on entry to Mexico.


More about the digital photo we require: 

fot_1 This photo will be used for your identification within our University, so please take a quality photo of head and shoulders:
  • In colour, black clothes, white background
  • Front and without glasses
  • No shadow
  • No date
  • No retouch effects
  • Recently taken (2012-2013)
  • Sent  in Jpg format
  • Size: 480 pixels wide x 640 pixels high.


Please send all of your original documents by registered post or courier service to the following address:


Admisiones Internacionales
Dirección General de Relaciones Internacionales.
Calle Zamora #25
Col. Centro
Xalapa, Veracruz
C.P. 91000, México

Ph: + 52 2288 421700 ext- 17658

Vía E-mail en PDF (

Homestay (Optional)

Application form for our Homestay Program 

Formato para el Programa de Estancia en Familia