Community Outreach Multidisciplinary Teams


  • Support the educative process by promoting the creation of conditions in which students, professors, and researchers make use of the concepts and methodologies learned within the classroom.
  • Develop intervention and research programs to promote the social distribution of knowledge.


  • The University Community Outreach Multidisciplinary Team is a program that the Universidad Veracruzana operates in communities to promote, complement, and enhance community processes of sustainable development.
  • Since September 1,1993, the university has been working on a project called “brigadismo comunitario” (community forging) formed by multidisciplinary teams of students doing community outreach work from the academic area of health to create spaces that allow students, social service providers, faculty, and researchers to participate and create a linkage between our university and people living in disadvantaged conditions.
  • Our “brigadas” are multidisciplinary teams of interns and students in the field of social service who are part of the project for anywhere from six months to a year

Through daily contact with these communities, university students enrich their curricular experience and get to know the reality of rural Veracruz. They also increase their social and professional commitment within the most disadvantaged sectors of society.

The presence of this program in these  communities has become a part of the inhabitants’ lives. Additionally, students that have participated have affirmed that they went through a lot of  substantial internal and personal changes which have benefitted both their social and professional attitudes and skills.

There are multidisciplinary teams working in indigenous, rural, and suburban regions of the state of Veracruz in municipalities with extreme poverty.

Xalapa Region Veracruz-Boca del Río Region Orizaba-Córdoba Region Poza Rica-Tuxpan Region Coatzacoalcos-Minatitlán Region
Acatlán Cempoala Calcahualco Chumatlán Mecayapan
Chiconquiaco La Huaca Tehuipango Coxquihui Pajapan
El Llanillo Tequila Zozocolco Soteapan
Matlalapa Tlaquilpa Tatahuicapan


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