University Network

20012010 036The Digital Community Centers (CCDs) are public classrooms used to access the internet inside the University Houses. CCDs are connected to a national system called e-México run by the Federal Ministry of Communications and Transport. They facilitate users’ technological literacy.

When they were first established, the CCDs promoted the use of information and communication technologies, but now they are also spaces used to teach primary, middle, and high school students technological literacy.

High school students in the benefitted communities are given workshops to prepare for admission exams to the Universidad Veracruzana. This program has been met with an 80% success rate in past years.

The university assumes the commitment of supporting innovative distance learning processes, strengthening the mission of the University Houses by creating areas of generation and application of knowledge that involve both students and teachers to facilitate the dialogue and knowledge exchange with students interested in this particular form of education.atlahuilco-E03

Connectivity for Online Distance Learning

The University has joined forces with the National Network for Digital Communication and Connectivity (RCCD) through e-México’s national committee (TELECOMM) so that the university can make use of satellite connectivity needed in the rural communities.

Thanks to this federal program, the university is able to collaborate with an online higher education institute, Consorcio Clavijero, in its mission to offer online distance learning and training in remote communities.

The University Houses that are part of the RCCD are Coyopolan, Conejo, Molino de San Roque, El Paisano, Atlahuilco, and Uxpanapa.


  • Digital Community Networks: Connectivity and Exchange among the University Houses
  • Community Social Service Network: Social Service (and several other subjects)
  • Online Distance Education, collaborating with the Instituto Consorcio Clavijero
  • «Intellectual Skills Needed to Study at the UV» workshops
  • Computer literacy
  • Online academic assistance