The Programs and Services Coordination has a vast directory of selected families who offer students accommodation and meals within a familiar context and according to student preferences (with or without children, pets, located in the center, etc.)

Family is the base of a culture. The daily interaction in a familiar environment will help students to integrate into Mexican culture. Families will help foreign students practice the language on a daily basis, as well as offering three meals a day (a special diet can be requested) and space to do their homework. Of course, some rules regarding alcohol, visits, drugs, phone calls and other aspects apply during students’ homestay. Ask for a brochure for further details.

Relationships between Mexican families and foreign students are always fructiferous because students automatically become a family member. They feel welcome and protected during their stay and they build strong links with the other family members. These links are likely to remain forever.

What are you waiting for? Experience a family stay, you will not regret it!

Contact: Nadia García



In Xalapa you can find furnished and unfurnished apartments. Prices vary depending on location, size and quality. It is the participant’s responsibility to arrange renting a house or an apartment. Special Programs and Services can provide a list of available departments in the city.

This option is not conducted or supervised by the International Office or the School for Foreign Students. This means that students are responsible for making arrangements lodging with the landlord. Renting a furnished apartment costs between $200 USD and $450 USD a month.

Hotel prices vary depending on their category:

***** $130.00 dólares
**** $60.00 dólares
*** $38.00 dólares
** $25.00 dólares


Hostal de la Niebla
Zamora 24 Zona Centro, 91000 Xalapa, Ver.
+52.228.817 2174


Posada del Cafeto ***
Canovas Nº 8, Centro
Tel. +52.228. 8122703

For further information about hotels in Xalapa and other cities in Veracruz, as well as cultural events, you can visit the site where you can find telephone numbers and addresses to make bookings.