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Knowledge Application Generation Line Description Ph. D
Analysis Analysis is about to vectorial spaces study and functions spaces. Specifically is about related-geometry problems in Banach spaces; and also about integro-differential operators and their applications in the study of differential equations of Mathematical Physics study applications Carlos Alberto Hernández Linares
Victor Pérez García
Josué Ramírez Ortega
Armando Sánchez Nungaray
Mathematical Modeling Divided in two approaches: Deterministic Modeling (Mathematical Modeling) and Stochastic Modeling (Statistical Modeling). Mathematical Modeling is about solution formulation by mathematical expressions for several problems of reality, as well as methods to get the model solution in order to both interpret and understand the results. On the other hand, Statistical Modeling is about the study of methodological and theoretical of the postulation process, adjust, diagnostic, and interpretation of the statistical models; specially the parametric distibutions adjust, mixed-effect model, regression models, time series model, spatial models and spatio-temporal models. Brenda Tapia Santos
Evodio Muñoz Aguirre
Francisco Sergio Salem Silva
Porfirio Toledo Hernández
Ernesto Pedro Menendez Acuña
Martha Lorena Avedaño Garrido
Algebra and Geometry Algebra and Geometry is about the study of algebras and Lie’s groups, particularly their decompositions; and the geometry of varieties in which work this groups. Also it study in more detail polynomial algebras associated to geometric, topological, combinatorial and optimization problems. Luis Alfredo Dupont García
Armando Sánchez Nungaray
Francisco Gabriel Hernández Zamora
Optimization Optimization is about find maximum and minimum values of a function. For example, in this research line, we can solve problems as Markov processes, game Theory, transport problems, among others. To solve this problems exist several approaches as finite and infinite linear programming, dynamic programming, convex programming, direct method, etc; kiping in mind consistency conditions, existence and unicity and how get analytic solutions and numerical approximation schemes for market, economics, computer science applications, so on. Francisco Sergio Salem Silva
José Rigoberto Gabriel Argüelles
Raquiel Rufino López Martínez
Martha Lorena Avedaño Garrido


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