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Fundation of the program

The program of Doctorate in Mathematics starts in august 2007.


This is a research-oriented graduate program.


The development of science, as well as technology, implies the solution of local, regional and national needs, through higher education institutions; therefore, it is important that these institutions have competitive human resources at the international level, to consolidate research groups, achieve a rational inclusion of technology and innovative knowledge in areas where the educational program have influence.

The work program 2005-2009 says that «A university that only transmits knowledge, does not entirely respond to the modern society requirements, nor does contribute with its full potential to move forward our country». Therefore, «to guarantee its social relevance and progress, the Universidad Veracruzana will place the research as the core of transformation. The knowledge creation is a purpose itself and must visualize as an essential resource to produce human resources of high quality».

The National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), and the National System of Researchers (SNI), both promote the inclusion of researchers in several institucions throughout country, to drive the science development, specially in Mathemathics. In this way, the Doctorate in Mathematics helps to increase the personnel of rerearchers on superior education institutions (IES).

The status of the doctorate’s program is «consolidated«; and focuses in original research creation, teaching and mathemathics applied. The doctorate encourages critical attitude of the students and support research colaborations together with both national and international researchers.


The Ph.D degree in Mathematics is a postgraduate program affiliated to department of Mathematics of the Universidad Veracruzana in support of society, by  comprehensive training of high academic researchers in mathematics, with moral quality, committed to social distribution of knowledge; wich are able to join in academic environment; both, national and international research centers, and enterprises developed of technology.


To become a postgraduate program of excellence, recognized nationally in short term, and internationally in medium term, in the area of Mathematics. In addition, to be recognized for the scientific production allowing the training of competent human resources, to contribute in the scientific development of the country.

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