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Welcome to our website of the Master in Artificial Intelligence, where you can find everything you need to know more about this graduate program.

The Master in Artificial Intelligence (MIA) was born in 1994 and was an innovative program in many ways. First, I enter into operations based on a cooperation agreement between our university (University of Veracruz) and the National Laboratory for Advanced Informatics ( Lania AC) unprecedented in our country. The agreement made it possible to combine the benefits of a private laboratory, such as Lania, with those of a large public university, such as our university. Second, the MIA was originally proposed as a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, unique in the country, and therefore, with different qualities from other postgraduate degrees in Computer Science. In 1997, the agreement was signed to merge the MIA with the Faculty of Physics of our university, which would give rise to the Faculty of Physics and Artificial Intelligence ( FFIA ) of the UV. In 2015, by rectoral agreement, the Artificial Intelligence Research Center was created, which houses the Master in Artificial Intelligence.

The Master in Artificial Intelligence is a program of excellence, since it belongs to the National Quality Postgraduate Program (PNPC) of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT), valid until 2021. CONACyT scholarships are requested and processed through the Coordination of the program. The amount is granted by the body itself as long as the applicants comply with the terms and requirements established in the call and will be subject to the budget availability of CONACyT.

Our graduates have successfully completed doctorates in various countries and many of them are currently working in prestigious institutions such as the National Institute of Optics and Electronics (INAOE), the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the National Laboratory for Advanced Informatics (Lania A.C.), etc. In these almost 25 years we have maintained the constant presence of visiting professors, strengthening ties with other universities including the University of Paris 6 ( LIP6 Desir ) and the University of Paris 13 ( LIPN ); the Laboratory of Systems Architecture and Analysis in Toulousse, France ( LAAS ); the University of Havana; and the University of Wisconsin, among others.

They are 25 years of continuous presence, of our professors and our students, in the main national congresses of AI and Computer Science. As an example, in the International Meeting of Computer Sciences (ENC), the Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence ( MICAI ), or the Ibero-American Conference on Artificial Intelligence ( IBERAMIA ).

The academic work is certified by two Academic Bodies, one consolidated and the other in consolidation before the Program for Teacher Professional Development, for the Superior type (PRODEP) of the Ministry of Public Education.

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