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Program Description


The Master of Artificial Intelligence is a Research Oriented program


  • The economic modernization of the country requires a population better educated in Computer Science and Informatics, with full knowledge and mastery of its frontier technologies.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fundamental part of Computer Science, as a generator of new knowledge and suitable technologies to solve complex problems through intelligent systems executed in computers and robots.
  • The potential impact of the MIA is considerable, the demand for highly qualified personnel in computing grows as the country modernizes. It is vital to have personnel capable of conducting research in these areas of knowledge and training the next generations of university students.


That the MIA be a national benchmark in Artificial Intelligence teaching and research, consolidating it in the National Register of Quality Postgraduate Programs (PNPC), with a view to its internationalization.


To train high-level professionals who contribute to the technological development of the country through cutting-edge research in areas related to Artificial Intelligence.


The main objective of the MIA is to provide the student with the theoretical / practical foundations so that he is able to propose and develop solutions to complex problems in AI research, both basic and applied. At the end of their studies, students will have a high degree of training as professionals in the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence; therefore they will be able to develop their work both in the academic and non-academic fields.


  • 100% of the students will acquire the theoretical / practical foundations to be linked to the generation and / or application of knowledge (LGAC) of the CIIA-UV.
  • A minimum of 60% terminal efficiency will be maintained.
  • 50% of students will have at least one publication in prestigious conferences and / or magazines.
  • 50% of the students will participate in national and / or international mobility exercises.
  • 60% of the Basic Academic Nucleus (NAB) will maintain their membership in the SNI and their certification as a PRODEP Desirable Profile.
  • At least one international mobility agreement will be established.
  • The program will be consolidated in the PNPC and its internationalization will be promoted

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