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The Knowledge Generation and Application Lines (KGAL) that make up the curriculum map are the following:

KGAL 1: Habitat, development and society

It guides the development of Architecture with a holistic vision aimed at generating knowledge in the social, cultural, technological, professional and educational field of Architecture with the support of theoretical-methodological processes, our research projects that emerge from it will have to coincide with at least one field of research, so that comparing the results impacts the disciplinary and educational development. In a global environment, the study of phenomena related to the commitment of architects to society and the world, accelerated changes in context and new public policies that have transformed training processes and the way of understanding the profession is required, aspects that have defined a new architect profile.

KGAL 2: Urban studies and processes

This line of research seeks to characterize urban life forms as emerging phenomena, their relationship with the imaginary and collective life in the construction of habitable environments in relation to urban processes. Study the ways in which cities are produced and lived, the emergence of interconnected practices, phenomena and processes, not explainable from a reductionist or deterministic view. Research projects under this line, require different methodological approaches from exploratory heuristic routes to envision solutions to the problems that arise in the current city in the face of cultural and environmental complexity, scientific progress and the interests of the global economy .

The research of urban studies and processes is not exclusive, it covers issues concerning processes of production and consumption of urban space; Urban regulations and the Right to the city; community participation processes towards sustainable human settlements and patrimonial forms of urban habitability, genealogies and emergencies that, developed as lines of research, generate knowledge with a humanistic vision to respond in a relevant way to social requirements by linking knowledge and practice with other realities that they become necessary to prepare researchers who face the new circumstances of habitability from an urban perspective.

KGAL 1: Habitat, development and society KGAL 2: Urban studies and processes
Josefina Cuevas Rodríguez Ph.D. Mauricio Hernández Bonilla Ph.D.
Ana Aurora Fernández Mayo Ph.D. Daniel Rolando Martí Capitanachi Ph.D.
Bertha Lilia Salazar Martínez Ph.D. Laura Mendoza Kaplan Ph.D.
Ma Guadalupe Noemi Uehara Guerrero Ph.D. Lilly Areli Sánchez Correa Ph.D.
Luis Arturo Vázquez Honorato Ph.D. Fernando Noél Winfield Reyes Ph.D.
Polimnia Zacarías Capistrán Ph.D.


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