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Given the growing urbanization, the future of cities is unsustainable. The dispute over territorial control and the appropriation of functional and symbolic uses of spaces make cities the epicenter of global contradictions. It is in the city where various life forms emerge as a result of the interconnection of natural systems with artificial systems resulting in a multiplicity of ways of living, of building identities, of imagining and interrelated with the environment, with politics, with culture , with the acts of daily life typical of the culture of an era that impact architecture itself as a profession and its teaching.

These emerging forms of habitability, need to be studied, since they are key to understanding the current processes and transitions that occur in the city as a complex phenomenon of the contemporary world. If on the one hand the city stars in inequality and social exclusion, it also produces social, educational, economic, political, technological and informational transitions, from which innovations can arise that modify the unsustainability patterns that have put diversity at risk Biological and life on the planet.


Train  Architecture and Urbanism Ph.D., with a critical and creative thinking, with the ability to interconnect different dimensions of reality, with skills and attitudes to generate transdisciplinary knowledge prepared for the production and / or application of knowledge in the habitat, development and society, as well as in the urban processes and interdisciplinary practice that they entail.


Architecture and Urbanism Ph.D., seeks to position itself as a pioneer graduate in its field with international projection from observing in a multidimensional way the problems of habitability in urban and architectural processes, enrolled in the fields of civil rights and the dialogue of knowledge, of social justice, respect for diversity and coexistence; faced the demands of the competitive labor market and vocational training from local concerns and global challenges in society.

To be a program of postgraduate studies of excellence, which promotes the generation of scientific knowledge and human and social development in the field of Architecture and Urbanism, with consolidated lines of generation and application of knowledge that allow raising the social and economic development of the State of Veracruz and the country.


Attend the training of Architecture and Urbanism Ph.D. with holistic and analytical mentality, prepared in the generation and / or application of knowledge, interdisciplinary practice, with the capacity to solve complex spatial problems in the human being’s habitat, under the optic of an integral and systemic sustainable development.


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