Welcome to the Web page of the Master in Information Technology Management in Organizations

The Universidad Veracruzana and the Faculty of Accounting and Administration, give you the most cordial welcome and congratulates you to receive the postgraduate applicants of the Master in Information Technology Management in Organizations, whom we will promote to be promoters of change.

We invite you not to forget the role that as professionals in the process of training will have during the next two years, so we encourage you to give your best effort, by developing each and every one of the theoretical and practical activities that your teachers and entrepreneurs, who support this project; They entrust them, allowing them to transcend and positively impact their environment.

This page is intended for our visitors to access timely information about our program and about the services we offer. We also seek that the website allows us to establish a bridge of communication with applicants, students and graduates.

We invite you to take a tour of our page and send us your suggestions and comments to enrich it.

Dr. Luis Alejandro Gazca Herrera