flechasThe DCIA encourages the use of library resources which are at the Universidad Veracruzana through the General Directorate of Libraries of the UV and the Virtual Library which offer all students, teachers and researchers, different databases, articles and references in Spanish and English.


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Academic publication.

The DCIA encourages its academic development and production concurse written by renowned publication spaces and validity. In this space you will find academic papers related to activities and teaching – learning different languages centers and self-access centers.


..leaa2An approach to the development of the methodology for self-learning of French in a self-access center.

Ivette Santa Martínez Jiménez y Flor Arlette Mata Garcés.
Currently globalization has accelerated scientific and technological progress which impacts various areas of knowledge. In that sense, the challenge facing the nations is to become more competitive and be able to interact. [Más]

e-teals2Consider the Candidate: Using Test-taker Feedback to Enhance Quality and Validity in Language Testing.

David Ewing RYAN | University of Veracruz
This article discusses the importance for language test developers of taking candidate feedback into consideration in order to improve the overall quality and validity of their language tests. It reports on a study that was carried out at the Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico, between July and December 2010. [Más]



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Universo – Comunicación Universitaria.

Centros de Idiomas de la UV se adelantaron a su época.  (27102015)

  • El de Xalapa cumplió 35 años
  • Esta universidad reconoció con mucha antelación la obligatoriedad de la lengua inglesa en nuestros estudiantes: Rectora
  • “Si todos aprendieran un idioma habría más paz y menos guerra”: Gloria Esperón, primera directora del CIX

Nota de: David Sandoval Rodríguez. 


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