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Guidelines for Publication

  1. Book chapters must be unpublished.
  2. Preferably have a short title that corresponds to the content of the chapter (maximum 12 words or 70 characters).
  3. Cover letter. Attach to the chapter a letter addressed to the Scientific Committee, specifying.
    • Title of the chapter (both in English / French / German, Portuguese, etc. as well as in Spanish).
    • The title in the language in which the whole chapter is written, with a maximum of 70 characters including spaces.
    • Name(s) of the author(s), in the order in which you wish them to appear.
    • Institution of each author.
    • Address of each author.
    • E-mail address of each author (preferably institutional e-mail). institutional email address).
    • Name of the author with whom communication will be established throughout the editorial process.
    • A brief biodata, no longer than 70 words per author.
    • Please note that if a chapter is published, the name of the author(s) will be used. For two or three authors, the order in which they are mentioned in the biodata will be the same as in the publication of the chapter (order of authorship).
    • Please indicate whether the manuscript presents initial or results of a research project.
    • Also include the code number (if any) and the name of the institution that funded the project.
    • Include a statement that the chapter has not been submitted to another publication and has not been published.
  4. Prior to submission, chapters should be reviewed by an expert in the writing of the language in which they are to be submitted.
  5. The chapter should be related to research in language teaching, learning and translation or applied linguistics to foreign/second language teaching and learning.
  6. The chapter should be 15-20 pages or 9,000 words maximum including references (only those cited in the paper). The manuscript should be sent as a Word document, single column, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font, size 12, with 2.5″ margins, simple-spaced in footnotes, appendices, figures and tables. All pages should be numbered at the top. The first line of each paragraphshould be tabbed at 1.25 cm, except for block quotations, titles, headings and titles of tables and figures. It is recommended that the titles and subtitles in the manuscript should be done in an orderly manner to clearly identify the sections and sub-sections. Please DO NOT mark the titles with numbers or letters.
  7. Proposed texts will first be checked for plagiarism. Self-citation should not exceed 20% of all material cited in the text.
  8. The file should be titled with the author’s name and the date of submission.For example: J_Morales_Apr30_2022.
  9. Use, both in the citations within the text, as well as in the sections of the article and in the references at the end of the paper, the rules established by APA 7th Edition (American Psychological Association).
  10. Avoid footnotes. If necessary, include footnotes at the end of the respective page.
  11. Chapters may be written in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French or German.
  12. Texts will be submitted to an anonymous peer review process. The acceptance for publication will depend on two favourable opinions.
  13. Authors should respond to the changes or suggestions made by the reviewers in a timely manner.

Xalapa, Ver., August 10, 2022.
Dr. Nora Margarita Basurto Santos
President of the Organising Committee XIII CIIL and
Editor of the Book

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