We welcome you to our site, the Master in Nursing is a program with quality recognition by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT), it has four headquarters located in Veracruz, Xalapa, Orizaba and Minatitlán, these they have recognition and the headquarters of Poza Rica is in the process of being integrated.


Prepare nursing professionals who respond to the needs of professional practice, disciplinary guidelines and social demands through avant-garde theoretical, disciplinary and methodological training, with a high humanistic sense.


Being a Master’s program with academic and social recognition that trains professionals of excellence in the nursing discipline whose graduates carry out innovative practices and promote the development of the health field, enriching professional practice and social well-being. Its graduates are recognized because they generate professional intervention projects, which ensure the quality of nursing care permanently, exercise leadership in inter and multidisciplinary work, contribute to professional individual and collective health care.



To train nursing masters with solid disciplinary training, who contribute to the solution of health problems within the scope of their competence, with the capacity to provide professional care in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, to perform specific roles related to health experiences. of the person, family or community, management of information and communication technologies, impacting on the preservation of health, social well-being, self-care and healthy lifestyle of people at different stages of life; with leadership in inter and multidisciplinary work; that they act critically and develop interventions aimed at generating innovative practices with quality and social solidarity, using the theories and models of the discipline, research and intervention.


Expand theoretical, methodological and disciplinary knowledge in the area of ​​health, ensuring the quality of care provided by the nursing professional.

Strengthen in the professional the knowledge, abilities, skills and values ​​that allow them to develop nursing care interventions.

Use information and communication technologies to make assertive decisions for the application of health care for the individual, his family and the community.

Encourage collaborative work through the establishment of networks that improve the capacities of the program and the scope of development of graduates.