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Frecuent questions

when is the convocatory published?

The call for admission to the Doctorate is published once a year, to start courses in August.

What are the important dates of the call process?

Publication of the Call: February
Registration of applicants online: February – April
Complete registration, upload photo and documents: February – June
Application of EXANI III: June 9
Interview of applicants before the Selection Committee: Date pending, notices are notified Applicants by email.
Publication of results: July 2

Do I have to take an entrance exam?

Yes, the general entrance exam is one of the requirements that applicants must meet and consists of the diagnostic evaluation of their knowledge, attitudes, aptitudes and skills, is presented on the dates and under the conditions established in the corresponding official calls.

Do I have to be a graduate from the immediate previous grade at the time of applying to the program?

If you prefer, if you are in the process of obtaining a degree, a letter of commitment is accepted and you have 90 calendar days from the date of the call to prove that you obtained the degree (professional examination certificate).

Does the Doctorate require your students to dedicate exclusive time?

All doctoral students will be exclusively dedicated given the dynamics of the program’s work and research projects that are carried out, which does not allow part-time students.

Can I have some kind of scholarship?

Yes, this program for being of excellence within the National Quality Postgraduate Program of CONACYT, all national or foreign students can be nominated for a scholarship from CONACYT or any other institution or foundation if the student prefers.

Is there a minimum age to enter the program?

No, all that is requested is to develop a research project with a tutor who belongs to the academic core of the program and is a full-time student.

Do I have to have a research project to be able to enter the program?

No, although it is one of the requirements to be accredited, the student must select a research work with a professor from the academic nucleus of the program who will be his thesis and allow him to obtain the degree.

Can my thesis director be a researcher from another institute or university?

Yes, although when you enter the program you will be assigned an internal tutor of the academic core of the program who will serve as Internal Director and who will monitor your development as a student, while the researcher of the other institution will serve as External Director. In addition, a tutorial committee will monitor its research advances made up of program scholars.

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