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FAQ: International admissions

  1. Where can I see the courses offered during my mobility semester at UV?

There is no fixed offer of courses per semester at UV. The educational model of UV works flexibly. Each faculty determines which courses will be offered according to their capacity, student demand, among other factors every semester. Therefore, it is very important that you express your interest in certain courses so that the faculty can consider you within their student demand.

  1. Are the courses I selected in my application form definitely part of my schedule during my mobility? Can I make changes?

The courses you selected in your application form are PRELIMINARY. The educational model of UV works flexibly. Each faculty determines which courses will be offered according to their capacity, student demand, among other factors every semester. Therefore, it is very important that you express your interest in certain courses so that the faculty can consider you within their student demand. It may be that all the courses you selected are available, or that only some of them are available.


However, you can make changes. Upon your arrival, there will be a time limit to make schedule adjustments, either by discarding the pre-selected and approved courses by the faculty, or by adding courses that were not previously considered. UV has no problem with these changes, but you have to make sure your home university also approves them.

  1. Is there a restricted course to foreign students?

Yes, within our offer there are two restricted courses for foreign students, which are part of the terminal preparation area: Dissertation Defense and Social Service. These courses are exclusively for Mexican students, as they are courses designed for graduation and degree qualification.

  1. There are some courses within the educational program that, as a requirement, mention the name of another course. What does that mean?

This means that, in order to take the chosen course, you must first take the course indicated as a requirement. You cannot take the courses which appear as «prerequisite» along with courses that need that former subject. It has to be fulfilled first.  If your mobility lasts one year, you can apply for both. Example: During August-December you can take «Photography I». In February-June, «Photography II». You cannot apply for both during the same period.


In some cases, the faculty may decide that you can take a course without having taken the prerequisite first, according to your academic history.

  1. How much do UV credits equal?

UV credits are determined by the number of hours studied in each educational experience. A theoretical hour equals two credits. A practical one, one credit.

  1. Are UV credits equivalent to ECTS?

UV credits are not equivalent to the ECTS. 30 ECTS are equivalent to taking about 4 or 5 courses at an undergraduate level, and 3 or 4 courses at the postgraduate level at the UV in ONE semester, regardless of the total number of credits determined by the UV.

  1. I am interested in courses of several academic programs. Is it possible that I select courses from all of them?

Yes, you can select courses from more than one academic program, as long as they are on the same UV campus and that the schedules do not overlap. Please notice that not all our faculties are located at the same point on our campuses, so you should consider transfer time between one class and another.

  1. I am interested in courses from two different campuses. Can I take classes on two campuses?

No, given the distance between the UV campuses, you may not be able to take courses on more than one campus.

  1. What is the certificate of study?

The certificate of study consists of a detailed description of your academic history at your home university, where your grades or qualifications appear.

  1. I enjoy good health. Do I need to deliver a health certificate?

Although you enjoy a good health, we need this to be confirmed by a medical professional, so that we are sure that you will not need any special support in terms of your health during your stay.

  1. I suffer from a serious illness. Will this be a reason to deny my entry to UV?

The fact that you suffer from a serious illness will not impede you from being accepted as a student of mobility at UV. On the contrary, when we have knowledge of your condition, we will be able to analyze in what ways we can support your arrival, and be on the lookout for you in case your condition causes you discomfort during your stay.

  1. At the moment I submit my documents, am I already accepted?

No, when you deliver your application papers, you’re just a candidate for mobility. From now on, the head of International Admissions will manage your acceptance in the faculty of your interest. Once the faculty gives the approval, then you are given an acceptance letter.

  1. The call for receipt of documents is about to close, but I am missing a required document. Can I deliver it later?

You can leave some of your documents pending to deliver later, as long as you have informed the head of International Admissions and you have been given the approval.

  1. I just got to my UV campus to start my mobility. Where should I go?

Upon your arrival, you must go to the mobility coordination of your campus. Check the directory https://www.uv.mx/internacional/directorio/#campusm to know who you should be addressing on each campus. In case your campus is Xalapa, you should directly contact the head of International Admissions.

  1. Does the registration fee have to be made from my home country?

No, the payment can be done once you are on your UV campus in order not to incur in expensive international rates.

  1. My registration fee is shown in dollars. Should I make the payment using this currency?

The registration fee must be done in the amount equivalent to dollars in Mexican pesos at the time you make your registration payment.

  1. How do I know how much I have to pay for registration? What does it depend on to pay for enrollment and tuition?

The cost of your registration fee includes credentialing expenses and other administrative mobility expenses. It is determined according to the existing agreements between the UV and your home university, as well as if you come through a specific program which allows this payment to be reduced. The payment of registration and tuition will be made only by those students whose home university does not have an agreement which exempts the payment of registration and tuition to be made.

  1. I already finished my semester of mobility. Can I already have my report card?

Your report card will be available when the academic secretary of your faculty has completed the finalization process of the semester. This takes time for your academic secretary, so if you need your report card immediately after your semester of mobility is completed, notify the head of International Admissions or your Regional Coordinator.

  1. What is the «no-debt letter» at the library? Where do I get it?

The letter of no debts at the library is a letter that is emitted by the UV as long as you do not have any debt at the UV libraries, either monetary or material. You must deliver it before your departure regardless of whether you have used library resources or not. You can get it at any of the UV libraries.

  1. My question is not in this FAQ section. Where can I get more information?

You can send an email to admininternacionales@uv.mx or a message through the Facebook page International Admissions Universidad Veracruzana (@AdmInternacionalesUV). We will gladly assist you.

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