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The applicant for the specialization in Nursing Administration and Management must have the following competencies: Knowledge:

  1. Basics of English.
  2. Nursing care process.
  3. Fundamental nursery.
  4. Basic aspects of administration.
  5. Historical background of the administration.
  6. Administrative approaches. A
  7. dministrative process and its phases.
  8. General culture.


  1. For the management of ICTs The communication.
  2. Writing, reading and spelling.
  3. Compression of texts in Spanish and English.
  4. text analysis
  5. Mastery in the management of the Word and Excel program.


  1. For teamwork.
  2. For service to society.
  3. For collaborative participation with the multidisciplinary team.
  4. For widely-based decision-making in the administrative field.


  1. Tolerance
  2. self respect
  3. Respect for human rights
  4. Responsibility
  5. Discipline
  6. Commitment
  7. Innovation
  8. Interest

of discharge

The graduate of the Nursing Administration and Management Specialization develops the following competencies:


  1. National and international health policies.
  2. Methods and intervention systems to establish situational diagnoses of organizations.
  3. Administrative process, ethics and legislation in the administrative field.
  4. Methodological strategies for conflict resolution.
  5. Management theory and contemporary sciences.
  6. Management of human, material, scientific and technological resources.
  7. Professional performance of the administrative function.
  8. The design, execution and evaluation of programs, improvement proposals and administrative intervention projects.
  9. Strategic planning applied to health and nursing services. Process reengineering. Quality of nursing care.
  10. Process feedback in open systems.


  1.      For problem solving with critical and creative judgment.
  2.      For professional performance in middle and high management positions.
  3.      For the optimization of scientific and technological material resources.
  4.      For human resource management.
  5.      For the application of process reengineering in the nursing department.
  6.      For the evaluation of administrative processes within the scope of its competence.
  7.      To strengthen nursing care management.
  8.      To perform through a scientific practice in the administrative field.
  9.      To establish empathy with the nursing union.
  10.      To strengthen the professionalization of the nursing discipline.
  11.      To carry out research based on Betty Neuman’s systems theory model.


  1.      act with tolerance
  2.      Perform with respect for oneself and human rights with pleasure and interest in the administrative field.
  3.      Apply yourself with discipline, responsibility and respect to the person/client, the nursing union, family and community.
  4.      Develop leadership with autonomy and excellence in the National, State and Local Health System.
  5.      Be innovative in the development of programs, improvement proposals and administrative intervention projects.
  6.      Social and professional commitment with a high ethical sense.



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