Computational-experimental analysis of behavior (CEAB)

Comparto con mucho gusto esta editorial, en su versión Preprint, que escribí por invitación para Acta Colombiana de Psicología (Revista SJR). #LabPsiCom #CEAB #BehavioralScience #artificialintelligence

This editorial is a proposal and an open invitation to participate in the novel multidisciplinary approach of experimental behavior analysis (EBA) with artificial intelligence (AI) and mechatronics (MT), which could be called computational-experimental analysis of behavior (CEAB), and its purpose and its purpose is to motivate Latin American researchers to make contributions to the journal Acta Colombiana de Psicología, so that, together and through critical discussion based on methodological developments and data, we delineate the future of our paradigms, and also contribute, among other things, to (a) broaden the scope and reach of EBA; (b) deepen our understanding of behavioral phenomena; (c) crystallize a more integrative, comprehensive and encompassing methodological approach; (d) open up new research possibilities; (e) push the methodological and conceptual boundaries of EBA; and (f) conduct genuinely cutting-edge research in EBA.
(Traducción por el equipo editorial de ACP).