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Enrique Delgado-Alvarado

Doctor in Engineering and Material Science from the Institute of Physics of the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí in 2019. He is a Researcher at Micro and Nanotechnology Research Center from Universidad Veracruzana. Membership: National Researchers System (SNI, Level 1). Dr. Delgado-Alvarado has research focused to Colloidal Physical-Chemistry, Surfactant Systems, Synthesis and Processing of Polymers, Synthesis and Chemical Modification (Functionalzation) of Nanoparticles and Nano/structures for applications in the industrial sector (Paints, Food, Medicine). He has develop Nanotechnological Formulations, and Advanced Characterization Methodologies. Also, he develops physicochemical modification methods to investigate how the influence of functional groups present in a nanomaterial can modulate the macroscopic properties of polymers as well as peptides (by analyzing molecular docking study). Selective functionalization has allowed it to develop functional materials (functional polymers/biopolymers) with antimicrobial, anti-corrosion, packaging, packaging properties, and nanomaterials used in energy harvesting and medicine, among other applications. Dr. Delgado-Alvarado develops applied research projects with his research group Polymers and Nanotechnology. In addition, he is reviewer of International Journal as International Journal Biological Macromolecules , Journal Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry , MSR communications as well , Editor Guest in Material Today of Elsevier and  Review Editor of Frontier sensor.

My scientific and technological experience has allowed me to generate high-impact scientific research, national and international cooperation projects, technological developments of high-added value for the industrial sector, the training of highly specialized human resources, a Bachelor’s degree (thesis), Master’s, and Doctorate levels, and international research stays.

This robust academic background lays the foundation for an interdisciplinary approach to materials research

His  areas research interests include physics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering.

Recent International JCR Collaborations:

  • Chandole, Prashant; Pawaw, Tushar-Janardan; Olivares-Romero, José; Tivari, Sunil; Garcia-Lara, Bianey; Patel, Harun; Ahmad, Iqrar; Delgado-Alvarado, Enrique; Kokate, Siddhant; Jadeja Yashwantsinh.
    » Exploration of Novel Cationic Aminoacid – Enriched short peptides: Design, SSP, Biological Evaluation and  Silico Study» .
    RSC Advances. Royal Society Chemistry.
  • Saher Manzoor; Faheem Qasim; Muhammad Waseem Ashraf; Shahzadi Tayyaba; Nimraq Tariq; Agustin L. Herrera-May; & Enrique Delgado-Alvarado. « Simulation and Analysis of Anodized Aluminum Oxide Membrane Degradation»,
    Sensor, MDPI.
  • Sunil R. Tivari; Siddhant V. Kokate; José L. Belmonte Vazquez; Tushar Janardan Pawar , Harum Patel, Iqrar Ahmad; Manoj S. Gayle; Rajesh S. Bhosale; Vicky D Jain; Ghazala Muteeb; Enrique Delgado-Alvarado; & Yashwantsinh Jadeja.
    » Synthesis and Evaluation of Biological Actives for Novel 1,2,3,4- Tetrahydroisoquinoline Conjugate with Dipeptide Derivative: Insight from Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation».
    ACS Omega. American Chemical Society.
  • Sunil R. Tivari; Siddhant V. Kokate; Enrique Delgado-Alvarado; Manoj S. Gayke; Amol Kotmale; Harun Patel; Manoj S; Iqrar Ahmad; Elizabeth M Sophia; Silva G. Kumar; Bianey Garcia Lara; Vicky D. Jain; & Yashwantsinh Jadeja.
    » A novel Series of Dipeptides Derivatives Containing Indole – 3 – Carboxylic acid conjugates as potential antimicrobial agents: the design, solid-phase peptides synthesis, in vitro biological evaluation, and molecular docking study».
    RSC Advances , Royal Society Chemistry.
  • Nimra Tariq; Muhammad Waseem Asraf; Shazadi Teyyaba; Agustin L. Herrera-May; & Enrique Delgado-Alvarado.
    » Numerical Simulation, Analysis and Fabrication of MEMS- Based solid Ag and Cu Microneedles for Biomedical Application» .
    Mathematical Problems in Engineering. Hindawi



Personal Information:
Dr. Enrique Delgado-Alvarado
Academic Level: PhD.
Level SNI: I
Research Group: Polymers and Nanotechnology
Google Academic: 
ORCID ID : 0000-0002-6354-5222
Publons ID : 31791948
Research Gate: Enrique-Delgado-Alvarado-2

Institutional Data
Academic Entity: Engineering faculty
Research Entity : Micro and Nanotechnology Research Center

His LGAC in Microna:

  • Nanomaterials
  • Micro and Nanosystems

Nombre dependencia
Micro and Nanotechnology Research Center
University Veracruzana, México
Calzada Ruiz Cortínes 455, Fracc. Costa Verde.
C.P. 94294
Boca del Rio, Ver., México

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