Educational Community Radio Programs

presentacion de radio cuento en el 2do encuentro d e teatro2Among the activities carried out to educate the surrounding communities of Xalapa and the Universidad Veracruzana include a project that promotes the creation of community radio soap-operas. The program started in 2002, when drama students began a community theatre workshop for kids at the Coyopolan University House. In 2004, the University’s Radio Station, Radio Universidad, proposed to produce an educational radio soap-opera to support the sustainable development of rural families by teaching them how to use natural, material, and human resources correctly, as well as how to prevent and diagnose diseases. Along with the workshop, several interviews and surveys with students and professors were carried out. In this way, it has been made possible to integrate the current issues of the communities into the scripts of the soap-opera and, thus, the stories express the habits, customs, and perceptions of the target audience.