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  • Torres-Orozco, R., Le Gall, N., Pankhurst, M., Cai, B., Atwood, R., Nonni, S., Arzilli, F., Polacci, M., Burton, M., Lavallee, Y., Lee, P.D., 2022. Thermal shock vesiculation of shallow rhyolitic magma inducing short-lived explosive volcanism. EPSL (in prep).
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  • Jácome-Paz, M.P., Torres-Orozco, R., Espinasa-Pereña, R., de la Fuente Rivera, J.R., Ruíz Sánchez, J.O., Delgado-Granados, H., 2022. Review of geology and geomorphology of the Xalapa Monogenetic Volcanic Field, eastern Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research (VOLGEO-D-22-00165; in press).
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  • Torres-Orozco, R., Cronin, S.J., Pardo, N., Palmer, A.S., 2018. Volcanic hazard scenarios for multi-phase andesitic Plinian eruptions from lithostratigraphy: insights into pyroclastic density current diversity at Mount Taranaki, New Zealand. Geological Society of America Bulletin, doi: 10.1130/B31850.1
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  • Torres-Orozco, R., Damaschke, M., Palmer, A., 2014. From summit to swamp: high and low explosive eruptive records at Mt Taranaki. En: Holt KA (compilador) Field Trip Guide Volume, GeoSciences 2014. Geoscience Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication 139B:5-14
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