Effects of Water-Source Locations and Time-Based Schedules on Entropy and Spatio-Temporal Behavioral Features

馃摚 馃コ馃 We are thrilled to announce our first publication as members of our new home, the Center for Biomedical Research at UV, in the International Journal of Comparative Psychology, associated with the International Society for Comparative Psychology! Our study emphasizes the use of entropy as a measure and its application in the analysis of the spatial dimension of behavioral systems!

Our research focused on the spatial organization of water-seeking behavior under time-based, non-contingent reinforcement schedules, and how this behavior is affected by the location of the water supply. The study showed a robust effect of the location of water delivery and an effect of the reinforcement schedule on the spatial organization of water-seeking behavior in all analyzed variables!鈴扳啑锔忊啒锔忦煉ю煇

These findings highlight the ecological relevance of the spatial organization of the environment and the spatial dimension of behavior itself and contribute to the discussion on the behavioral systems proposed by Timberlake. Don’t miss our research! #ComparativePsychology #BehaviorAnalysis #SpatialOrganization #Entropy #EcologicalRelevance #TimberlakeBehavioralSystems #IJCP #PsychologyResearch #BehavioralSystems #AnimalBehavior #Rats #TimeBasedSchedules #WaterFeedingBehavior https://escholarship.org/uc/item/72m3g2js