• Multiagent Systems
  • Intentional Learning
  • Agent Mining
  • Formal methods for MAS

Brief Description

My research is about rational agents, multi-agent systems and learning. Particularly I have been interested in intentional learning in BDI models of rationality, i.e., the way an agent learns to form and abandon intentions based on her/his experience; and recently in agent mining, or more precisely, in the way learning is performed by a multi-agent system where training examples are distributed. I’m also interested in formal methods for expressing theories about learning and rational agency. My collaborations are mainly about the application of these issues in simulations: double auction markets, urban mobility; and multi-modal decision making. I had been also interested in reactive agents and behavior networks. Of course, many, many years ago I was interested in Expert Systems, Lisp, and Logic Programming.

Research Group

  • Cuerpo Académico Investigación y Aplicaciones de la Inteligencia Artificial (Promep CA, in development)
  • Lines of Research:
    • LGAC 1: Computational Learning.
    • LGAC 2: Agents and Web Technologies;

Research Projects

  • Learning and Intention Reconsideration in the BDI model of rational agency. The BDI model of rational agency formalizes practical reasoning in terms of Beliefs, Desires and Intentions. Intentions are conceived as partial hierarchical plans an agent commits with in a certain degree. Reconsideration policies and Commitment principles expresses when it is rational for an agent to drop such commitment . In this project, we study formal methods to reason about reconsideration and commitment in AgentSpeak(L), an abstract agent oriented programming language (as implemented in Jason). The main idea is that reconsideration is a dynamic, non monotonic process approachable via intentional learning, as implemented in our library JILDT.  Funded by CONACyT, México. MX$ 355, 000.00



  • JILDT, the library that provides Jason with a learning mechanism based on induction of Logical Decision Trees, is now available for download in Sourceforge.
  • JaCa-DDM, an agents and artifacts system for designing, implementing and evaluating distributed data mining strategies based on Weka. Available at Github.

Program Committees

I have been member of the following program committees:

  • IJCAI 2017 – 17th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence | www
  • EPIA 2017 – 18th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence www
  • CCIA 2016 – 19th International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence | www
  • COMIA 2016 – 8o Congreso Mexicano de Inteligencia Artificial | www
  • CITII 2016 – X Congreso Internacional en Tecnologías Inteligentes y de la Información | www
  • CCIA 2015 – 18th International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence | www
  • MABS 2014 – 15th MultiAgent Based Simulation Workshop at AAMAS | www
  • IBERAMIA 2014 – 14th Iberoamerican Conference on Artificial Intelligence | www
  • EPIA 2013 – 16th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence | www
  • AAMAS 2013 – 12th Internation Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems | www
  • ISDA 2012 – 12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications | IEEE
  • EPIA 2011 – 15th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence | www
  • EUMAS 2011  – 9th European Workshops of Multiagent Systems | www
  • MICAI 2010 – 9th Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence | www | SpringerLink
  • MICAI 2009 – 8th Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence | www | SpringerLink
  • MASTS 2009 – The International Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems Technology and Semantics | www
  • MICAI 2005– 4th Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence SpringerLink
  • ICMAS 2004 – 4th International Conference on Multi-Agents Systems IEEE

I have been chair of the following program committees:

  • IBERAMIA 2012 – 13th Ibero-American Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Multiagent Systems area chair | www

I have been reviewer for the following journals:

  • Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments | www
  • Computación y Sistemas: Ibero-American Journal of Computing | www
  • Komputer Sapiens: Revista de Divulgación de la Sociedad Mexicana de Inteligencia Artificial | www

I have been member of the following evaluation committees:

  • CONACyT 2011 – Programa Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad (PNPC), convocatoria 2010-2012.
  • PROMEP 2011 – Evaluación de grado de consolidación de cuerpos académicos.
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