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27 febrero, 2012

Adriana Rodriguez Barrazza
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Adriana Rodriguez Barraza is a doctor in Social Anthropology by the Madrid’s Autonomous University. She is a brilliant cum laude unanimously.  Actually she is a fulltime researcher, academic full professor C with a desirable profile in the Psychological Researches Institute of the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) and she is a member of the National System of Researchers (Mexico) Level 1.

She is part of the National System of Scientific and Technological Evaluation (SINECYT), included in the CONACYT record of Accredited Testers, with the number RCEA-04-19624-2010 in the 4th Area of Humanistic Disciplines and Behavior Sciences; likewise she is a Tester of the Ibero-American Intergovernmental Program of Science and Technology CYTED.

She belongs to different Scientific International Committees of specialized publications.

She can be found in the researcher directory of the summer of Scientific Investigation from the Mexican Academy of Sciences and she’s part of the Interinstitutional Program for the Research Reinforcement and the Pacific Postgrad and its Research Summer.

She has been teacher of many higher and postgrad education institutions in a national and international level, like the Madrid’s Autonomous University –Master’s Certificate and Postgrad-: The Master of Latin-American Cultural Studies (MECLA), a degree given by divers American and European Universities; Universidad Veracruzana (Department of Psychology –Master’s Certificate-, Department of Philosophy – Master’s Certificate and Master Degree- Institute of Psychological Researches –Doctor’s Degree-), Anahuac University (Law’s Department –Graduate and Master’s Degree).

Her investigation lines are focused in:

  1. The construction of subjectivity: Identity and Culture. Registered at the UV Direction-General of Researches and the Psychological Researches Institute.
  2. The European and Latin-American origins of the cultural differences.
  3. National identity and language: an endogamic way to understand culture.
  4. To Name the World in a Feminine Way: Approaches of the XVIII century.

Her research projects could be concreted like this:

  1. Multicultural societies: Identity, Memory and subjectivity. Registered in the UV Direction-General of Researches with the number35483201068, SIREI and the Psychological Researches Institute. She’s inside the tutelage program for the researches.
  2. The multiculturalism origins in H. G. Herder and his Latin-American repercussion. The number of register: UV-PTC-399.


In respect to this thematic, she has published many texts, of which we can accent: Linguistic Identity and Cultural Nation, The New Library 2008, and History, the Culture, Language and Nation in J. G. Herder, Madrid’s Autonomous University, 2006.

She has participated in many collective books like Latin-American foundational Narratives, Plaza y Valdés, 2011, The New Cultural Objects in Ibero-America 2010, and the Essays about Contemporary Philosophy, Madrid’s Autonomous University, 2004.

She has participated in national and international congress; likewise she has been stipend of the Spanish Agency of International Collaboration and a regular member of many European and Latin-American research projects.


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Adriana Rodriguez Barraza