Research Lines

The academic core of this program is grouped into three Academic Bodies. LGACs are representative of research related to Artificial Intelligence and particularly of the research carried out within our department


Academic Body: Research and Applications of Artificial Intelligence

CA code: P-UVER-CA-197
Grade: Consolidated.
DES of Assignment: Xalapa Technique Assignment
Unit: Faculty of Physics and Artificial Intelligence

LGAC1. Learning, Agents and WEB Technologies: Develop cutting edge research in the area of ​​Learning, Agents and Web Technologies and apply this knowledge to solve complex problems. This will allow the generation of a research group recognized for its solid scientific production and its collaboration with other national and foreign specialized groups.


Academic Body: Research and Applications of Intelligent Robotics

CA Code: P-UVER-CA-197
Grade: In Consolidation.
DES of Assignment: Xalapa Technique Assignment
Unit: Faculty of Physics and Artificial Intelligence

LGAC2. Intelligent Robotics: It focuses on the development of robotic systems capable of solving complex problems in a robust and efficient way. This type of systems combine the developments of various topics in Computer Science, such as: Vision and Perception, Decision Systems, Planning and Tracking of Trajectories, Navigation and Autonomous Location and Human-Machine Interfaces, among many other topics.



These bodies are based at the Artificial Intelligence Research Center. In total, the basic core of teachers is made up of 11 full-time teacher-researchers distributed in the three lines of generation and application of knowledge as follows:

Acosta Mesa Hector Gabriel Doctor LGAC1
Barrientos Martínez Rocío Erandi Teacher LGAC1
Cruz Ramirez Nicandro Doctor LGAC1
Hernandez Alejandro War Doctor LGAC1
Hoyos Rivera Guillermo de Jesus Doctor LGAC1
Marin Hernandez Antonio Doctor LGAC2
Montes Efrén Mix Doctor LGAC1
Montes González Fernndo Martín Doctor LGAC2
Quiroz Castellanos Marcela Doctor LGAC1
Rechy Ramirez Ericka Janet Doctor LGAC2
Rios Figueroa Homero Vladimir Doctor LGAC2