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Special Programs are a series of academic and cultural activities planned to fulfill the needs of a specific group of students, professors or international visitors depending on their academic area, length of their stay, size of the group and their Spanish level. Our goal is to help visitors enter deep into Mexican culture and provide them with an intercultural learning experience in their own field of study.
Special Programs usually consist of several courses: intensive Spanish, Mexican society and culture, cultural visits, field trips and lectures conducted by specialists of the UV and visiting faculty.
This learning environment gives the students the opportunity to observe and practice. Some study areas fit to these programs are Education, Business, Ecology, Health and Foreign Language Teaching. They may vary depending on the groups’ needs.

Available courses.

The Universidad Veracruzana strengthens all its academic areas, that is why we offer interdisciplinary programs that may be focused on Arts, Anthropology, Sociology, Biology, Engineering, Economics, etc. These Special Programs are designed to fulfill the educative needs of specific groups in flexible periods and variable length.

Special Groups may ask for any of these elements:

  • Spanish courses.
  • Content courses (Mexican society and culture, Literature, Mexican identity, etc.).
  • Specific courses related to the students’ field of study.
  • Links to the research centers of the UV
  • Visits to specialized agencies and institutions where participants can exchange experiences about their own academic discipline.
  • Lectures and/or workshops.
  • Cultural immersion program.
  • Peer teaching program.
  • Homestay program.
  • Cultural trips.
Special Programs carried out so far have been on social service, education, Spanish teaching, child and family development, ecology, anthropology, housing and consumer economics, agribusiness and nursing.
If you are interested in these Special Programs, please contact the DGRI’s Special Programs and Services at least five months prior to the beginning of the program to do the necessary arrangements.


  • Primary school attached to Escuela Normal Veracruzana.
  • H. Servín Primary School.
  • Colegio Preparatorio de Xalapa (highschool).
  • Educational Center Siglo XXI.
  • USBI (Library).
  • Hospital of gynaecology and obstetrics.
The Universidad Veracruzana has Special Programs worked with the following institutions:
Kennesaw State University Davis & Elkins College
Bowling Green State University MESA-Maricopa Community Colleges
Georgia Southern University University of Georgia
James Madison University Green Union Mountain High School
Michigan Technological University Western Illinois University
University of South Florida Cedar Valley-Dallas County Community College District
Dalton State College Adelphi University
Americas Council University of Victoria
Clemson University Valdosta State University
Baylor University Florida Atlantic University
Wilfrid Laurier University University of South Carolina
Osaka University of Economics


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