Cultural Immersion

Programa de Inmersión Cultural - Cultural Immersion Program

The Cultural Immersion Program provides the foreign student with an opportunity to become familiar with the local environment, to understand Mexican culture and, through personal interaction with a Cultural Aide, it facilitates the acquisition of the Spanish language in a natural setting. The Program is tailored to the individual needs of each student. Students are paired with Cultural Aides of similar interests or with common fields study or work. This Program can benefit university students, Spanish teachers and profesionals from any field, or anyone who wishes to learn the language and live the culture for the pleasure and the richness of the experience.


  • To facilitate the acquisition of the Spanish language.
  • To familiarize the students with the city of Xalapa, and to help them adapt to everyday life during their stay.
  • To guide the foreign student in understading and appreciating characteristics that distinguish Mexican culture.

How is it Organized:

The program Coordinator trains and supervises the Cultural Aides in their work. Periodically both students and Cultural Aides report their activities, reflections and benefitis from the program. If Problems arise, such as incompatibility of personalities, scheduling, or discrepancies of language level, the Coordinator will intervene and assist with any necessary adjustments.

During the Fall and Spring semeters, the program consists of 12 sessions distributed over 4 weeks, usually in three 1 hour sessions per week. For Summer terms there are 18 sessions over the course of 6 weeks.

The Cultural Aides are, mainly, U.V. students and graduates who have been carefully prepared for this task. In the training and selection process, the Coordinator employs valuable human and material resources to ensure a high quality educational program.

School for Foreign Students / Escuela para Estudiantes Extranjeros

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