PEAN – Faculty

From its inauguration, North America studies has fostered the academic exchange between Mexican students and visiting professors from American universities or Mexican professors with America in their educational background. The faculty at North America Studies is conformed by these professors thanks to the agreements between the Universidad Veracruzana and foreign institutions of higher learning. Thanks to the support of the Fulbright Program, U.S professors interested in participating with us are encouraged to apply for one-semester or two semester stays which translate into enrichment experiences at an academic and personal level. We have also counted on the participation of foreign professors living in Mexico with teaching experience at university level.


Thanks to the interlibrarian loan between the Self-Access Center at the School for Foreign Students and the US Embassy’s biblioteca Benjamín Franklin, North America Studies teachers can now take advantage of this service to carry out their courses or research projects. This service adds to the one provided by the Unidad de Servicios Bibliotecarios y de Información (USBI) de la Universidad Veracruzana.


Professors who have collaborated with PEAN:

Mayeli Peralta Contreras.

Ileana Arias Leal.

Arturo Kavannagh Suárez.

Nelsy Marien Cortés Jiménez.

Izbé Angélica Muñoz Cortés.

David Alley.

John Bichsel.

Byron Brauchli.

Yvette Marie Citizen.

Ignacio Sánchez Juárez Arrieta.

Aranzazu Gonzales Hernández.

Daniel Arturo Romero León.


Vicent Kohler.

Ma. Esther Quintana.Debra Sabia.

Eileen Sullivan.

Rafael Pedregal Cortés.

Elsa Leticia García Argüelles.

Alberto Sánchez.

Nadia Chávez Alaffita.

Nesly T. Muñoz Cortés.

Carlos Garrido De La Calleja.

Camilo García Parra.

Ismael Guzmán Barrera.

Samantha Rullán Rosanís.

Ténoch D. Sesma Meneses.

Miguel López Domínguez.

Laura Celina Ruelas Mojardín.

Darío Fabián Hernández González.

José Fernando Alarcón González.

Robert Paul Kruger.

James Skelly.

Allen Deeter.

Robert J. Ferry.

Juan Emilio Sánchez Menendez.

Ivette Martínez Jiménez.