PEAN – Areas of study

 Area I: Political Science
This category includes the study of all the concepts and antecedents that allows the understanding and the analysis of the current political systems and the way a certain political situation hits in the connection of these three North America countries. Within this area the following courses have been taught:
  • Religion and Politics in the U.S.
  • Democracy – American Style.
  • Contemporary Political Problems.
  • U.S. Relation with the global community.
  • U.S.-Latin America Relations.
  • U.S. Intervention in Latin America 19th and 20th Centuries.

 Area II: Cultural Studies
This category offers students the opportunity to study the art, architecture, cinema, education institutions and the contemporary cultural landscape of the United States of America and Canada. The courses offered within this area have been:
  • Social Bases of U.S. Education.
  • Mexican Migration to the U.S.
  • American Architecture.
  • The American Dream of Success.
  • American Icons.
  • American Art and Music in the U.S.
  • The province of Quebec: History, culture and literature.

 Area III: Language and Literature
The students will have the chance to understand the aspects of the Canadian and American society through the literature study of contemporary authors. This area has offered the following courses:
  • Major American Writer: F. Scott Fitzgerald,
  • Contemporary English in the U.S.
  • Literature by Latin authors in the U.S.A.
  • Literature by Latin Female Authors in the U.S.A.
  • Chicano Language and Literature: authors in the frontier.

 Area IV: History and Geography
Despite the geographic proximity every North American country has had a different history. The United States is an enormous country of great cultural diversity. It has gone under deep transformation from the Civil War in 1860 until the present. Students will study the economic changes and the metamorphosis of the country since its industrialization in 1880 and 1890. The study of United States geography will examine the particularity of its geographical regions and its enormous multicultural outlook. This area has offered the following courses: The 1960’s in America, Evidence of the American Past 19th and 20th centuries and Readings on Early American History. In the educative experiences approached to Canada and its connection with Mexico and the United States of America, the student will study the geography and the richness of the natural resources in Canada. Through the Canada history study, the student will know the transformations and process which Canada have become a Nation characterized by having made an effort to combine the different cultural influences in a pacific way. The courses offered in this area have been:
  • Canada History and Multiculturalism in Canada.

 Area V: Health Science
The huge epidemiological changes, the global warming repercussions, the human mobility between other factors have been important to restructure the current health systems. Through the offered courses within this area, the student will get the necessary competences to analyze the deficiencies to identify the actions lines which can impact the improvement of the worldwide health, under the perspective of its study field or discipline. Health is considered as an important factor to the great development of a country, the improvement of the worldwide health in the 2015 is one of the millennium purpose, the educative experiences which belong to the Health Science Area, promote the knowledge of the basic functions in the Heath Systems in the United States of America, Mexico and Canada, contributing to the improvement of the collective and individual health.