Independent and Intership programs

These programs are aimed to offer foreign students the opportunity to participate in the university life interacting with professors and students in different frameworks according to their level of mastery of Spanish.

Semester or Year Abroad at Universidad Veracruzana (Undergraduate and Graduate):

Students enrolled in this program attend regular courses at undergraduate or graduate level at the UV for a period of one or two semesters. Credits are granted and these courses may be part of their study program at their home institution. This option is aimed at students whose knowledge of the language is high enough to understand university lectures in Spanish. Courses are subject to university regular calendar and weekly hours and credits per course may vary.

Independent Study Program:

This program is structured in coordination with schools and research institutes of the UV. It offers academic and administrative services to students who wish to undertake research or in depth study of a specific topic among those available at our university in the areas of Humanities, Art, Economics and Business, Technology, Biological Sciences or Health. This program is comprised of 20 hours for which 2 credits are granted, and it is available all year.

Intership and Practica Program:

This program gives international students the opportunity to engage in observations and practica in the fields of health, education and bussines. Medical practice is carried out at the university hospital, the education practica takes place at local schools and bussiness internships are carried out in collaboration with the University International Bussiness Program. Available all year and during the Summer with variable credit depending on the number of hours required.

School for Foreign Students / Escuela para Estudiantes Extranjeros

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