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Administration and business strategy in international business

This line represents the main focus of the object of study of this postgraduate study program and includes the main concepts and themes of international trade in its broadest aspect, as well as the study of international trade treaties and agreements that set the stage for completion of commercial operations in the different countries or regional blocks that make them up.


  • M.A.F.Luis Manuel Cuevas Padilla
  • M.A. y M.A.I. José Netzahualcóyotl Olivares Salazar
  • M.A. Cristina Rendón Hernández
  • M.A.N.I. Mario Alberto Santiago Mendoza
  • Dr. Zottele Allende Aníbal
  • Dra. Garizurieta Bernabe Jessica


Studies of support for international trade from a transdisciplinary perspective

This line includes all the classic and emerging disciplines necessary for the study of international trade and the elaboration of comprehensive projects for both export and import, such as: economics, marketing, finance, law, human resources, accounting, psychology, geopolitics, geography , statistics, quantitative methods, ICT, languages, negotiation, politics, sociology, quality management, logistics, etc.


  • M.A.F. Luis Manuel Cuevas Padilla
  • M.A. José Vicente Díaz Martínez
  • Dr. Rogelio Ladrón de Guevara Cortes
  • M.A. y M.A.I. José Netzahualcóyotl Olivares Salazar
  •  M.A.N.I. Mario Alberto Santiago Mendoza
  •  M.A.F. Margarita Altamirano Vásquez
  • M.A.D.G.A. Rosa Marina Madrid Paredones