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Consortium for the Study of Transnational and Cultural Factors in Learning Technologies
To establish research collaborations between the members of the Consortium.
To prepare a framework to facilitate the study of cultural factors (collaboration, engagement, motivation, affective states and language) affecting the use and impact of educational technology in a variety of populations with varying cultural backgrounds.
To employ methods including field observation, ethnography, survey instruments, and data mining of software log files to analyze 1) student-technology interactions 2) student-student interactions and 3) student-teacher interactions.
To analyze a diversity of learners to ensure that cultural and educational practices, which may differ from one group to another, are identified so that researchers can determine how to make technology culturally responsive.
To improve existing learning technologies and contribute to the literature on best practices for serving the needs (and leveraging the strengths) of learners of diverse cultural backgrounds.
Developing Enabling Learning Technologies for Mexican and Mexican-American Students (DELT-Mex)