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Consortium for the Study of Transnational and Cultural Factors in Learning Technologies
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Teachers College, Columbia University

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Dr. Ryan Baker -- Expert in educational data mining and learning technologies
Dr. Jaclyn Ocumpaugh -- Expert in field observation, director of BROMP USA project that developed protocol for research on engagement and affect used by 71 researchers in 3 countries.
Dr. Regina Cortina (TBD) -- Expertise in cultural differences and factors impacting education, in particular for Mexican and Mexican-American students.

Facultad de Estadística e Informática, Universidad Veracruzana

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Dr. Genaro Rebolledo-Mendez -- Expert in motivation and affect in learning technologies. Expertise in deployment of learning technologies in Mexico.
Dr. Rafael Rojano  -- Expert on data mining and user adaptation for learning technologies.

Learning Innovation and Network Knowledge Lab, University of Texas

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Dr. George Siemens -- Expert in building communities of research/practice and on enhancing higher education through the design of online resources.
Dr. Samuel Smith  -- Vice Provost for Digital Teaching & Learning. Smith, an expert in cultural factors that impact learning, designed UTA’s distance ed. program, which enrolls 20,000 students/year.
Developing Enabling Learning Technologies for Mexican and Mexican-American Students (DELT-Mex)