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About the Consortium

The consortium Transnational and Cultural Factors in Learning Technologies convenes a team of international researchers with the objective of studying, designing, developing and evaluating educational technology that is more responsive to the needs of students with different cultural backgrounds. Specifically, we focus on a range of factors (including collaboration, engagement, motivation, affective states and language) that impact student experiences with educational technology so that we can better leverage student strengths. Educational technology developed after more traditional educational models may pose problems for students outside the USA and Europe with varying cultural backgrounds; not addressing cultural factors in the use of educational technology may perpetuate and worsen these problems. As a team, we are particularly interested in how cultural differences impact the learning experiences of students and we aim to study how cultural factors affect the design and employment of educational technology in students with different cultural backgrounds. We also aim at developing culturally responsive technology and aid in the development of guidelines for teachers and instructors on how to teach more effectively with these systems.
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Universidad Politécnica de Puebla, México
Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Ateneo de Manila, Philippines
University of London, Institute of Education, UK
The University of Edinburgh
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Consortium for the Study of Transnational and Cultural Factors in Learning Technologies
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Developing Enabling Learning Technologies for Mexican and Mexican-American Students (DELT-Mex)